MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. This is an advanced university degree in the business sphere that is generally required for admission. MBA entrance essay will present one of the most serious parts of your application. It may be called your personal presentation in a written form. Therefore, much care should be taken to compile it in the most favourable way.
One proverb says, find out why did they ask you this for and you will find the answer. The same goes with MBA entrance essay question that you will certainly be asked to dwell upon. The problem proposed to you may be one of the kind:

  • Evaluate your weaknesses and strengths;
  • Discuss your career goals and ways of achieving them;
  • Describe MBA program that suits you best;
  • Evaluate cooperative learning;
  • Describe the most important day of your life;
  • Describe your recent success;
  • Compare your present life with the one you would like to have;
  • Explain why are you seeking an MBA;
  • Describe the most difficult task in your life and the way you have coped with it;
  • Discuss characteristics of a real leader.

We advise that you should think over carefully the question proposed, make a sort of plan for answering and only then start writing your MBA essay.
MBA Entrance Essay: Points To Consider:

  • as any other type of an essay, MBA entrance essay should be written in a certain structure: the introduction with a thesis statement, the main body containing several paragraphs each having a topic sentence and arguments supporting it, the conclusion summarizing the main points without repeating them
  • MBA essay should contain your own ideas and suggestions
  • MBA essay language should represent your communication skills
  • keep to the MBA essay length required

MBA essay helps admissions officers understand you as a person.
So, may your essays be as impressive as you are!
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