As a rule, the MBA programs are searching for more than an impressive CV. They want to be sure before they "buy" that your individual characteristics will be a value-adding supplement to their classes. Furthermore, they would prefer to get a feeling of how you are unequalled. Thus, let your MBA essay establish a spatial portrait of yourself.
You will try to demonstrate that you are a chief, a worthy team worker, full-grown, and conscious. If you are able, display your sense of humour. Even better, stress on whatever makes you unusual (professional violin skills, a climber's passion of heights, a love for Chinese sculpture, etc.) and carry it forward. No doubt, this is what anyone will likely retain, and this might be your feature (“hook”) that grants a preference for your paper over another applicants’ mba essays with professional biographies similar to yours.
After the reader was given a perception of WHO you are, he/she will have an interest to know WHY, namely what values have created you, why you gain a high success or why you have made the turning choices that influenced your study and professional life. All of these items inside your MBA essay will discover a very strong index of the values you might contribute into the program.
Alongside with the WHO and the WHY, the WHERE (you are going) must exhibit that you have a professional scheme which fits the chosen MBA program. Furthermore, the reader could estimate your MBA essay in general and the scheme against all your profile’s parts to get a sense how likely you are to prosper. Anyway, make certain your mba essays demonstrate more than a vacation's work, that there are utterly no typos, and that these writings are your own papers. By now, you have to become aware of the fact that the personal statement is a huge project, so try to elaborate a detailed written schedule for at least nine weeks.
Additionally, you should be able to articulate precisely and compactly your post-MBA career aspiration and a slightly extensive target for MBA plus five years. Once you have your professional plans on the table, you are advised to build a logical bridge consisted from your present professional position, an MBA as the specific program, and your post-MBA target. An explanation of this program’s necessity is the essential part of all mba essays.
There is an inevitable nuance of mba essays – the request to create brief papers. In fact, the severe length guidelines are partly can be considered as challenge to check your written communication mastery. So, in writing your MBA essay, you should not waste your words, saving hereby the readers' time and delivering them from scratching their heads to catch your minds. Furthermore, direct assertions ("I am a super zealous worker!") can be regarded as presuming. Instead, embody your claims through anecdotal cases, because interesting stories are remembered, transmitting the same message as an assertion, but in a more convincing way
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