Essay proofreading is the final phase of the essay editing process, concentrated on surface mistakes such as misspellings and errors in grammar and punctuation. You should begin to proofread only after you have completed all other editing reviews.
Many experts advice to perform an essay proofreading in reverse direction, starting from the end and going through the paper with checking paragraph by paragraph (or better line by line). This will make you to pay attention at the surface elements rather than the paper’s sense. For this purpose put a ruler under each line, that will allow your eyes to measure an amount of text to read.
While proofreading an essay, you are forced to find out your own typical errors. Before you begin your essay proofreading, revise writings you have created in the past for making a list of your constantly repeated errors. It is better to proofread for one kind of mistake at a time. If colons are your most burning problem, exercise your essay proofreading checking just this very problem, and then repeat this procedure again for the next one.
A break between writing and proofreading an essay is essential and even crucial. Thereto leave the writing aside for the day or even for thirty minutes. Additionally, intend to give yourself a pause between your paper’s final version is completed and the moment you start proofreading essays. Writing with a lucid mind and having at least an hour for your essay proofread will prove that you can perform a scrupulous, thoughtful job, so the outcomes will surely be worthwhile.
It is also recommended to perform your essay proofreading once aloud that can slow you down to hear the diversity between what you planed to document and what you actually get. In proofreading an essay, you should review it several times, once focusing just at punctuation, another time at spelling, and so on. Again, this force you to concentrate and hereby to do a better job. Moreover, you can ask someone for proofreading essay and assist you detect unclear sentences and moments where you are seemed to be wordy.
During your proofreading essay, do not forget to switch on the spell-checker on your desktop, using it. Unfortunately, computer spell-checkers often make mistakes as well: they might put a word that you do not want, not indicating the diversity between “there”, “their”, and “they're”, for instance. While you do a proofreading an essay, use “help” tool or consult writing handbooks, if you are not sure whether to use "affect" or "effect".
In any case remember that proofreading essay is not solely about mistakes. No doubt, you eager to polish sentences, making them fluent, interesting, and understandable. Watch for too long sentences, since they might be less plain than shorter ones. Also pay a special attention to the periodicity of your word constructions, using sentences of different lengths and modes. Try to elude from needless phrases, repetition, and clumsy spots.
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