According to Oxford English Dictionary, a report is a resulting document of a research or of any topic (even on business report writing) on which specified information is necessary. As known, reports are a greatly structured type of custom writing often following meetings that have been established to elaborate a common format. In writing a report, its structure and tradition emphasize the way by which the information was collected as much as the data itself.
During a study time one might be assigned on writing reports in different forms, depending upon the chosen research area. These paper types could comprise laboratory or technical reports, papers of a work allocation or manufacturing visit, statements of a business trip or internship.
Eventually, reports differ in their target; nevertheless, all of them have a formal structure and scrupulous scheming, presenting the document in a consecutive manner using understandable and laconical language. Here we try to explore each stage in the process of writing a report, making advices and proposals for structure and technique. These stages can be listed as follows:

  • reference terms indication;
  • report scheduling;
  • gathering of all necessary information, organising and structuring it afterwards;
  • the first draft creation;
  • reviewing and draft rewriting.

In reports writing, you should pay an additional attention on careful planning, which will assist to write a definite, compact and impressive paper, giving respective time to each of the consistent stages before its submission.

  • Look up the report as a whole;
  • Subdivide the report task into different parts;
  • Schedule all time writing a report, including various planning phases;
  • Set yourself deadlines for the already schemed stages.

Note that in the last section of the report – conclusions and recommendations – you are able to draw together the main issues. They should be stated plainly and should NOT acknowledge any new information.
While writing reports, you should try to avoid using excessively complicated language. If your report is to convince, sum up or confirm, its message must be understandable. Moreover, the factual presentation should not be overwhelmed with complicated, verbose sentences. In report writing, you are advised to escape using unnecessary slang, because this can confuse even the most educated and informed reader. Also, be sure that your abbreviations are formatted in a certain way.
Most reports writers are usually asked to avoid the use of individual language. For instance, to inform on a change in colouring from an "amazing green to a wonderful blue" is to design your own estimation onto a measurable result. A difference between your meaning of "wonderful" and your reader's interpretation may arise. Such individual language usually has to be absent in the more objective field like writing a report.
So, the mastery engaged in writing a report will assist you to collect and concentrate information, getting objective disclosure from detailed data. It is no doubt that the ability to manifest yourself understandably and precisely is a vital skill which can be improved only by a regular planned and focused way of writing reports.
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