A question: why do people argue? The answer can sound as follows: it makes us consider various opinions entirely. Also, it teaches us to reflect on contrary suggestions and to introduce only clear and exact information. The mastery of arguing is to address your competitor respectfully and at the same time blunt his statements. This is just what you should do writing an argumentative essay. Thus, the aim of argumentative essays is to defend one’s viewpoint. But reasoning of favour, conviction or faith, and fact cannot be considered as the type of suggestions, even logically and effectively included in the argumentative paper (for instance, a disagreement about the God’s existence).
When you write an argumentative essay, more so that with explanatory or analytical papers, you should be keenly conscious of the reader (audience). Do not forget that the aim of argumentative essays is to persuade the audience that your statement is the better one. Initially assume that the reader’s position dissents from your one; in contrary, there would be no reason to argue. Note: although the reader disputes with you, this does not imply that he/she is less clever than you. Consequently, in argumentative essays, one should try to elude attacking the reader with rough suggestions. Conversely, you may appeal to the reader by writing impartially, logically, and courteously.
The most essential thing to consider about your audience – your potential opponents – is why they defend their points of view. What ground do you believe you might use to hold their opinion? Thus, to identify and grasp your antagonist’s opinion is decisive to write a good argumentative essay; if you do not perceive your competitor’s causes and just suggest your own grounds, you are NOT probably to assure the reader at all!
Also, your triumph depends much on the topic for the argumentative essays. There are some guidelines for selecting successful subject, which should be:

  • Exciting: dedicate some time reviewing the most recent printings, newspapers, and listening to the radio to be inspired more and define what is on the move.
  • Disputable, i.e. it must be a controversial matter, open for debate. Never select so-called non questionable arguments as you have almost no chance to defend your opinion, and your argumentative essay will become in a waste of time and efforts. Do not choose something hard to prove, as you will reach many obstacles in gathering the appropriate testimony or you are probably will not e able to find it at all.
  • Provocative and motivating to feel by a reader your passion, delights and interest to the subject, but avoid of trying to deliver these emotions to him.
  • Neither too universal nor too confined. Escape determinative on a too general matter, you will barely cover it absolutely in your argumentative essay.
  • Exact. Think thoroughly about the words in your theme choosing those that display the sense best and are understandable for the reader. Therefore, do not write something exclusively academic and too long.

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