Do you have a problem and want to talk about it? No, it’s not a meeting of anonymous people with problems, and I’m not a psychotherapist. If a dog bit you, than you should probably never try to steal his food again. If you are listening to the “In Love with Dissertation Writing” radio, than you probably struggle with one yourself and need an advice on writing a problem statement.
First of all let us get things straight on what a statement of the problem is. It is your logical reasons and basis for raising a problem of a specific research. Some prefer to call a problem statement a statement of need. From this point it can be regarded as your personal motivation for conducting investigations and a certain goal that has to be reached at the end of the academic struggle.
This need can take several shapes. If you are strictly a theoretical person, the problem statement can be caused by a need of creating a totally new theoretical framework. A statement can also be caused by the need for adequate knowledge if you have a new idea on an old topic that you want to develop and bring forward to the audience and readers.
A good and widely used need for a statement of the purpose is the lack of adequate researches. Closely related to it is the existence of several conflicting findings on the topic, and your need to establish the balance of truth between them.
Previous findings may as well lack in evidence, and you can jump at this chance to write a statement of the purpose, where your need will be motivated by the desire to find convincing facts.
As to the size of the Purpose Statement section, it should be up to three pages in length
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