The process of writing itself is a valuable gift given to people. It gives a precious opportunity to revise and correct, whereas, while speaking, you may say things you do not mean or that are unclear to your listeners.
When you write, you do not have to stick to your first thoughts. You can look your paper through whenever you want, revise and make necessary improvements, which is a great advantage you can use.
The writing process is a messy adventure. It does not have a certain formula to follow. Each writer decides for himself the way to write. Whether it is an expository writing, persuasive writing, scientific, expressive, or even creative one, it all depends on the initial purpose of writing.
Expository writing is used in case you need to explain an idea or provide information. If your purpose is to persuade or move people to action, use persuasive writing or argumentation. Is your main purpose to describe an experiment or detailed process? Writing with this purpose, such as in a lab report, is frequently referred to as scientific or technical writing. Expressive, autobiographical, or personal writing is commonly used in order to write about your own experience, observations, ideas, and feelings.
Type of writing, requiring extra talent is called creative writing, usually your purpose in this case would be creating original works of art, such as poems, stories, plays, or novels.
The actual process of writing also requires defining of your audience. If your reader is the tutor only, do not be intimidated by the fact that your instructor knows more than you do about the course material.
Various readers will have different expectations about the format and style of writing presented to them. Their expectations will be based not on personal taste but on their work environment, their academic field, or even their language and culture.
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