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Formal Essay Writing Help

formal essay writing guide

Formal essay writing is similar to typical essay writing except that the language used is very formal. The following process can be used as a guide to formal essay writing:

Formal essay writing Guide#1: Decide on a topic

The first step is to decide on a topic unless a specific topic is provided already. A topic can be selected by reading through texts and finding topic of interest.

Formal essay writing Guide#2: Take a stand

The next step is to understand what stand you are going to take, whether it is in favor of the argument or against, etc. This will help bring a focus on the topic chosen.

Formal essay writing Guide#3: Prepare an outline

The next step is to understand the key points and preparing an outline based on the same. In case you are supporting an argument (or are against it), you need to write the key points that help support that argument or vice versa as the case may be. In case you are describing a process or life cycle, you need to write down the different steps or phases.

Formal essay writing Guide#4: Develop a thesis statement

You have taken a stand and know the main arguments in favor or against the topic. With the help of this information, develop a thesis statement.

Formal essay writing Guide#5: Write the body of the essay

Write the main point starting with the smaller points first and leaving the most important point for the last. Some prefer it the other way round, starting with the most important point. Once the main points are written, write sub points for them and elaborate on them.

Formal essay writing Guide#6: Write the introduction

Contrary to the structure, it is recommended to write the introduction after writing the body since the thesis statement is developed and the main arguments have been laid down.

Formal essay writing Guide#7: Write the conclusion

The conclusions should provide a summary of your points, or perhaps your last views on the topic to finish it.

Formal essay writing Guide#8: Edit the essay

Proofread your essay. Use word processing software to check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Read it aloud to ensure that the sentences flow well.

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