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"It's not about time, it’s about choices. How are you spending your choices?"– Beverly Adamo

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Been writing my whole life, as far as I can remember myself. First heart breaks of my teen years made me do poetry, as a form of relief. I was pretty good at it and realized that writing is something I should pursue. I have been working for a number of small scale publishers around the country, I find people working in establishments like that to be super enthusiastic about that they do. I joined OvernightEssay.com more than 3 years ago – first as a part-time editor, now as an author. I'm really happy, that I can share my writing experience with our readers.

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Academic Editing Services: What to Expect

Academic Editing Services Would you like to make your writing better without long writing courses and late night study sessions? Consider effective editing. It can be as important for writing A+ papers as your writing effort.
Quality editing is not limited to eliminating typos, grammar and spelling errors. It also means polishing the tone and logical structure. If you, however, can’t afford spending twice as much more time on each paper, academic editing services can help you.

They Laughed when I Wanted to Pay for Essay, but When I Did…

pay for essay “Oh, no. You’ll get into trouble again,” says Linda, my best friend. “Don’t you understand they’ll send you some plagiarized work? A friend of my friend knew a girl who had some serious problems after she paid for her essay…”

“C’mon bro, tell me you’re not going to pay for essay to one of those scam companies,” insists my roommate Josh and immediately gets back to his laptop. In a minute or two, I hear him giggling at another meme on Facebook.

Topic Sentences: Truly Good Tips and Brilliant Examples

Topic Sentences Are you sure your topic sentences are close to perfect? Do they really make your paper stronger? Let’s check it!

Topic Sentences: 3 Golden Rules to Follow

Topic sentence in academic writing is the first sentence in each body paragraph, which identifies the main idea of the paragraph that follows.

The 3 golden rules of a good topic sentence are:

  • brief summary of what follows
  • attention hook for readers
  • no spoilers, disclosing all the arguments at once

Topic Sentences: 5 Main Types with Cue Words

Why Take Summer Classes? Consider the Top 7 Benefits

Summer Classes Students, beware: summer madness can make you lose track of time and reality. If that is the case with you, the return to school season can be really depressing. However, you could avoid the depression by considering one unpopular option. Why don’t you take a summer class?
Before you come up with all the 1001 reasons why you don’t want to be anywhere closer than a mile to college this summer, take a look at the top 7 benefits of taking summer classes you shouldn’t ignore:

Sentence Punctuation: Learn to Emphasize the Essential Elements!

Sentence Punctuation Why even learn the rules of punctuation?
Well, mostly because you can’t make a step without them in writing. With the right punctuation, sentence meaning becomes clear. However, if you mess up grammar or punctuation in a sentence, no one will ever understand what you wanted to say.
Correct sentence punctuation is crucial, incorrect punctuation can be even deadly! Take a look at these examples of misplaced punctuation:

  • A panda eats shoots and leaves. and A panda eats, shoots and leaves
  • Its’ time to eat, Grandma! and Its’ time to eat Grandma!
  • Fan’s fury at the stadium and Fans’ fury at the stadium

Well, hopefully, you see now that punctuation matters. And now, let’s take a closer look at the rules on punctuation.

Types of Poems to Write: Tips. Feel Like Another Shakespeare!

Types of Poems to Write Well, let’s face it, you’ve seen a lot since you became a student. You’ve written thousands of reports and essays. Coursework writing is nothing to you. But… writing a poem?!
That’s a part of creative writing on any topic – and by far the best part, because the rules for poem writing are less strict than those for prose, especially when it’s prose for academic papers. However, you still have to know about all the different types of poems to write – just to be able to pick the one which suits your topic and mood. Are you ready for a head-spinning trip? Then let’s go!

Types of Poems to Write: Learn What Exactly You’re Dealing With!

4 Simple Reasons Why You Can’t Find Summer Internships

summer internshipsLanding a summer internship is a great choice. Get the first work record, learn from professionals and stay tuned in a refreshing office. Sounds like a pool of opportunities, doesn’t it? The only spoilers are those HR managers who simply don’t see you are the intern of their best dreams. Why? Here are the top 4 reasons why you might be not getting the summer internships you deserve.

Scarlet Letter Essay: Original Ideas and Best Quotes

scarlet letter essayWhen you are assigned to write a Scarlet Letter essay, you may think that it’s really all a bit too much – are you really supposed to have nothing better to do than reading about 200 pages of that book? If that’s your thinking, don’t worry! There’s an easier way to handle this paper. Simply check the following brief summary, best quotes and sample topics for this paper. And who knows, what if you will want to read this novel in full?

10 Sentences Book Summary for your Scarlet Letter Essay