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“Help me write an essay!” – If you are desperately looking for some support in writing your essay, then you are at the right place. Your “help me write an essay” prayers have been heard and this article has been written for you to solve your “help me write an essay” problem.
“Help me write an informational essay” and “Help me write a persuasive essay”- is there any difference between these issues?
First of all, you need to know what type of an essay you are supposed to write- an informational or a persuasive one. The reason why this question should be answered before you start writing is because “help me write an informational essay” issue differs from “help me write a persuasive essay” issue.
How do you know whether this is an informational or a persuasive essay?! Well, this is easy: if you have to explain and describe some particular issue in your essay- this is an informational essay, on the other hand, if you are to convince the audience in your thesis statement – this is a persuasive one.
Help me write an essay” organizer
Let us move on to the most complicated part of completing your essay- the actual process of writing. It is advisable to follow the tips of our “Help me write an essay” organizer in order to cover the topic of your essay completely:

  • Help me write an essay” tip № 1: the introduction of your essay should contain the attention-getting sentence, as well as your thesis statement.
  • Help me write an essay” tip № 2: the body of the paper should be based on at least three supporting or descriptive arguments that directly relate to the thesis statement of your essay.
  • Help me write an essay” tip № 3: the conclusion of the essay is aimed to summarize what have been said in the previous part of your paper.

Now you are almost an expert in writing this type of assignments and you can help others write essays.
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  • I need to compare in one paragraph , computers used in Disney movie “Tron” from 1982 to how computers look in real in that times.. This should be research paper.. It has to have 1200 words.

  • Dear Kendra,
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  • I need to write a 5 page essay talking and describing The Great Backlash that was apart of Thomas Franks “what the matter with kansas” book.
    Please help.

  • I need to write a personal essay and submitted on the common application this Friday thanks

    My life has become a mixture of unique and amazing adventures which has led to a recipe for character-building. If I set a goal for myself, I will fight for it until it is achieved. In 2011, I attained one such goal; I decided to go on exchange to America, and did. I was so excited to be able to share ideas with people from a different culture, as well as learn from them. I would like to address many of my goals.
    First, I wanted to teach them things about me, and acquire information from them as well. I taught salsa dance to the choir class at the school, in which I provided instructions on how to make certain movements. The outcome was really successful, as after my instructions they were able to dance. Additionally, I took the time to teach some people Spanish. I also told them how my home country is different and unique from other countries. Indeed, not only did I share with my new friends about my culture, which allowed me to build strong relationships with them, but I learned things from them, too. Throughout it all, while communicating with my new friends, I was also able to improve my English. I took every correction in my pronunciation and writing as positive criticism. My strong confidence, motivation, has allowed me to learn and share with others.
    Second, I set a long-term goal for myself of pursuing a career in Biomedical Engineering. As far as I can remember, science has been my passion, especially biochemical structures. My love for science grew fonder the day that I extracted DNA from a grape, a group of friends and I decided to enter in a science contest and demonstrated how using simple procedures can lead to the extraction of DNA. Two weeks later we won the competition and received compliments about our thorough work. The best reward, however, was to be able to apply the knowledge I have received by putting it into practice. I find satisfaction and amazement in knowing that no matter how tiny an organism DNA is present. The decision of studying Biomedical Engineering came after hearing and researching about how scientists are doing incredible research and making unbelievable discoveries in biochemistry, microbiology, and genetics. This is astonishing since it leads to developments that had never been thought before. This career, likewise, applies my two favorite subjects math and biology. They focus on how to create, analyze and design models of living tissues which may improve lives. After graduation, my ambition is to set up a laboratory of cell and tissue engineering, to help save people’s lives. As a final point, I would definitely share all my incoming ideas to help develop new procedures leading to better life standards needed everywhere. Moreover, I hope my knowledge gained might inspire and encourage other Ecuadorians to pursue a career in Biomedical Engineering, likewise studying at Boston University will provide me the opportunity to achieve my short-term and long-term goals.

    • Dear Marianita,
      Sorry for this late reply.
      We would be happy to help you improve your essay, proofreading it or giving you some fresh ideas. Our experienced writers are always ready to give you a helping hand. If you still have some time left before the deadline, you can contact our Support Representatives via LIVE CHAT and place an order with our company.
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